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The Maternal Home Collaborative

The Fund for Public Health NYC and The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene are working to reduce pregnancy-associated death among Black women and birthing people in NYC by 10% by 2030.  A key step to help meet this goal is to launch – with your support – the Maternal Home Collaborative (MHC).

Designed to address the root cause of Black maternal health inequities – structural racism – a pilot of the MHC will reinvest in three, under-resourced priority neighborhoods and center Black women and birthing people and their infants in all actions and interventions. Through community-based clinical care, brick-and-mortar community spaces, and social supports (peer-to-peer groups, counseling, home visits, etc.), the MHC will help pregnant New Yorkers and their families not only survive but also thrive. 

The infographic below shows a clear and informative overview of the Maternal Home Collaborative (MHC) and its innovative four-pillar approach to improving Black maternal health in NYC:

Download the infographic

In March 2024, more than 100 people including Health Department leaders and subject matter experts attended our convening about maternal health in NYC and the pilot MHC. Learn more about the event.

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Join our 2024 TCS NYC Marathon Team and run to improve maternal health in NYC! Learn more

Your donation will help launch the Maternal Home Collaborative, with investment in under resourced communities and community-based health and social care that centers Black women and their infants in all actions and interventions.