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Join FPHNYC for our Public Health Talks webinar series. Each webinar will feature an expert from the Health Department, who will speak on important topics related to public health.

Previous Webinars

You can watch or download previous webinars below or on our GoToWebinar channel.

Reimagining Public Health Series: Building Narrative Power for Health Equity and Racial Justice

The Fund of Public Health in NYC is proud to be collaborating with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on their Reimagining Public Health Series. This is the third event in the series, focusing on dialogue about important topics facing public health in New York City. May 26, 2021

Town Hall: COVID-19 Updates in NYC

Commissioner of Health, Dr. Dave A. Chokshi and Dr. Torian Easterling discuss the latest data on COVID-19 cases and vaccination rates, how we’re ensuring equitable access to vaccines in NYC’s hardest-hit neighborhoods, and more. April 30, 2021

Racial Justice in Public Health

Dr. Torian Easterling discusses the intersection of racial and social justice in public health, and how the Health Department is addressing this massive, intersectional challenge. July 8, 2020

Mental Health During COVID-19

Dr. Myla Harrison, Assistant Commissioner for the Bureau of Mental Health, discusses the mental health challenges emerging as a result of the coronavirus. May 27, 2020

Addressing Disparities and Equity During COVID-19

Learn more about how COVID-19 disproportionately impacts certain communities, and what the Health Department is doing to respond. Guest speaker Jane Bedell, the former Assistant Commissioner for the Bronx Neighborhood Health Action Center, speaks about her work and the long-existing health disparities that the coronavirus is bringing to light. May 6, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

We received so many great questions in response to our last Public Health Talk. This week, we spoke with Prachee Patel about the City’s response, as well as how it’s addressing issues of equity and inequality. April 22, 2020


We spoke with Prachee Patel, Director of Grants Management at the Health Department, about the rapidly changing situation in New York City related to the coronavirus. April 15, 2020

COVID-19 Beginnings

Prachee Patel, Director of Grants Management at the Health Department, spoke about being activated during the Coronavirus COVID-19 emergency, strategies for staying healthy, and how the city is preparing for the epidemic while taking steps to ensure all New Yorkers stay safe. February 19, 2020.

E-Cigs 101

Kim Kessler, Assistant Commissioner at the Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention at the Department of Health, spoke about the future of e-cigarette regulations, the facts about e-cigarette use, and the strategies underway to combat the growth of this crisis. November 7, 2019.