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Improving the Health of ALL New Yorkers

We believe health is everybody’s business.

We all benefit from public health. Health is central to everything and the foundation for personal, community, and national well-being and achievement.

The Fund for Public Health in New York City facilitates partnerships between the public and private sector to develop, test, and launch new public health initiatives that advance the health of all New Yorkers.

Our Work

All of our projects focus on improving public health in New York City.

Our Impact

0 years of advocating for cutting-edge public health programming
$ 0 M in public and private funding raised
0 + grants supporting innovative projects advancing NYC's health

On the Blog

HealthyNYC – Extending the Lifespan of New Yorkers

HealthyNYC – Extending the Lifespan of New Yorkers

HealthyNYC” Aims to Increase Life Expectancy to 83 Years by 2030, Focuses on Reducing Chronic Disease, Overdose, Maternal Mortality Deaths, and More. The campaign sets ambitious targets to address the greatest drivers of premature death, including chronic and diet-related diseases, screenable cancers, overdose, suicide, maternal mortality, violence, and COVID-19.

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