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Irene Scott

Office Manager

Robyn Summers

Executive Assistant


Gemma Martinelli, MPA

Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships and Institutional Philanthropy

Eugene Patron, MS

Communications Manager

Rebecca Silver, MA

Development Assistant

Anna Szilagyi

Senior Development Associate


Connie Baker

Senior Financial Analyst

Michelle Chan

Financial and Accounting Analyst

Steve Dennis

Senior Grant Financial Analyst

Rehanna Garib


Herman Ye

Financial Analyst

Sandra Lawrence-Young

Staff Accountant

Femi Olabisi, MBA

Director of Finance

Sydney Sasanow, MPA

Senior Financial Analyst

Kinjal Shah

Senior Finance & Accounting Analyst

Jennifer Watler, MS

Senior Financial Analyst

Grants Management

Keisha Lugay, MPH

Assistant Director of Grants and Contract Management

Alexis McLauchlan

Senior Grant Manager

Jacob Orlove

Contracts Coordinator

Meghan Smith, MPH

Grant Manager

Molly Elizabeth Turner

Grant Manager

Michael Keating, MNA

Grant Assistant

Human Resources

Dyeanna Pak Jones, MS

Human Resources Benefits and Payroll Manager

Patricia Price

Director of Human Resources

Dominique Myers

Human Resources Generalist

Special Projects

Jessica Lavides, MPA

Project Manager

Ariel Lawrence, MA

Senior Project Manager

Zulleyka Ortega, MPH

Project Manager

Maria Isabel Olivera, MA

Project Manager