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Now more than ever we need your support to protect the health of all New Yorkers.

All funds raised through the Epidemics Fund during this period will be directed towards critical emerging needs identified by the Health Department to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. These include:

  • Expanding mental health resources for New Yorkers struggling with stress and anxiety
  • Supporting capacity and infrastructure for response efforts and immediate needs as they evolve
  • Maintaining effective communications, including combating the spread of misinformation and stigma
  • Supporting a buddy program to call isolated older adults and people with disabilities to check in
  • Ensuring that vulnerable New Yorkers have access to the care and programs they need.

As the nonprofit partner to the New York City Department of Health, FPHNYC is uniquely positioned to ensure your donation goes to the areas of greatest need during this outbreak.

Your gift allows us to better prepare for crises by providing flexibility to meet both urgent and planned needs that would not otherwise be readily available.

Epidemics affect all of us and COVID-19 is no different. With your support, we can fight the spread of this virus and to ensure all New Yorkers have the opportunity to continue living healthy lives.