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Many New Yorkers regard their primary care providers as a trusted source of health information and quality care. Providers must have access to affordable and scalable technology, efficient systems, and quality data to provide comprehensive care to patients. The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for stronger support of the primary care system in New York City.

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene supports the primary care system in the city through NYC REACH. Launched in 2010, NYC REACH is a partnership of the Health Department’s Bureau of Equitable Healthy Systems and the Fund for Public Health NYC. Primary care practices, pharmacies, and community-based organizations can join NYC REACH for free and receive support with incentive programs, training, and resources to help better serve their patients and communities.

Primary care providers and their patients benefit from NYC REACH’s wide range of programs, including workflow improvement, chronic disease prevention and management, healthcare worker capacity building, patient education, behavioral health integration, payment reform, and more. Members also receive regular email newsletters, events and webinars, and technical assistance.

NYC REACH advances the Health Department’s commitment to anti-racism by promoting health equity and addressing structural racism. Many NYC REACH members are located in and provide services to neighborhoods that are part of the Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity

NYC Reach members in five boros of NYC

Because health systems in New York City have dynamic needs, NYC REACH regularly conducts evaluations of its programs to continue bringing value to providers and their patients. The result is improved patient outcomes, including better management of chronic diseases such as hypertension.

NYC REACH is a trusted partner for 1,800 primary care sites, more than 100 Community Health Centers and Community-Based Organizations, 250 pharmacies, and over 30 hospitals — serving more than 2 million New Yorkers.

Visit NYC REACH to learn more, including career opportunities, and follow on Twitter for updates.