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This week’s news roundup focuses on the implications of stay-at-home orders, the benefits from everyone understanding health data, and how small actions can lead to both spikes and drops in coronavirus cases.

Data Democratization: The Unsung Hero Of Health Equity

Data democratization is the idea of making data accessible to any reader. Helping people understand and digest data on the state of the pandemic can empower them to improve structures, overcome challenges and barriers, and increase their opportunities to thrive. [via Health Leads]

Study: Shelter-in-Place Orders Prevented Up to 370,000 Coronavirus Deaths

In California, the first shelter-in-place was put into effect on March 19. Many other states followed shortly, but statistics show that the few days that California had ahead of all other states prevented a sharp increase in cases that many other places faced. [via US News]

Tracing the Invisible Danger of Household Crowding

Though stay-at-home orders for most people was filled with a slight comfort of being in their own homes, many aren’t as lucky. When coming home means sharing a small, crowded space, a stay at home order puts more people at danger of spreading the coronavirus than not. [via Bloomberg]

The Coronavirus Infected Hundreds at a Georgia Summer Camp

A summer camp in Georgia became a petri dish for spreading COVID-19, as they took many precautions but stopped at requiring masks. Within a week one counselor was sent home with symptoms, and shortly afterwards nearly half of the campers and staff tested positive for the virus. [via New York Times]