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This week’s news roundup addresses the longstanding and wide-reaching implications of what happens when we fail to support effective public health.

Our future news roundups will be more focused on certain topic areas and will appear here less frequently. We’re constantly working to update our content to as useful as possible, so contact us to let us know what you’d like to see on our blog going forward!

What Happened to U.S. Public Health?

America used to be a leading nation in public health. Now, we’re one of the only countries that has been unable to fully contain and slow the spread of COVID-19, while others surge ahead with lower cases and mortality rates. [via Jstor Daily]

When Disasters Overlap

As the pandemic rages, other disasters haven’t slowed either. This past week, COVID-19 was joined by Hurricanes Isaias and Hanna, wildfires, and severe thunderstorms and flooding. How will these disasters hinder efforts to emerge from the coronavirus? [via NYT]

How Safe Is Your School’s Reopening Plan? Here’s What To Look For

As schools brace the end of summer and the start of a new year, educators and administrators are working to creating the safest possible environments. While there’s no way to ensure “zero risk,” there are precautions we can take to minimize risk factors when heading back to school. [via NPR]

The Winter Will Be Worse

According to experts, winter will be worse for socializing, going outside, and potentially the spread of the pandemic itself. Without the ability to engage with others outdoors, and the heightened risk of socializing inside, the city braces as a colder season slowly approaches. [via The Atlantic]

Your Income Predicts How Well You Can Socially Distance

Those who have the money have hidden away in spacious homes and far from urban areas, comfortably working remotely. But that reality isn’t possible for lower-income families. [via WIRED]