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As New York City enters Phase 4, we’re grateful for all the public health heroes who have helped us reach this milestone. But this is only one small step towards recovery. As we are seeing, we must continue to invest in public health and support the field, which helps keep us safe from many health threats, not just the coronavirus.

Violence is a Public Health Issue That Requires Community Driven Solutions

Violence is an epidemic with serious health consequences. It’s only health epidemic that is not managed by the health sector. And yet there are evidence-based health approaches to reducing violence that do not involve enforcement as the first line of response. [via The Guardian]

Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Fly Free as Health Departments Focus on Coronavirus

In any other summer, Health Departments would have the staff and capacity to track and capture disease-carrying mosquitoes. This year, because of COVID-19, many departments are stretched too thin to provide this essential service. [via Kaiser Health News]

Swimming Upstream in Search of Influence

There are both cultural and political challenges that lead to a lack of investment and increased distrust in public health. This piece from Health Affairs breaks down those challenges and offers solutions for how we might celebrate the value of public health more visibly. [via Health Affairs]

Follow These Big Four Strategies to Stay Safe While Enjoying NYC’s Reopening

As New York continues to reopen, it’s important to follow the guidelines on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. We were happy to partner with DoNYC to share the “Big Four” strategies to protect yourself from the coronavirus. [via FPHNYC Blog]

Latinx and Black Neighborhoods are Struggling with Testing Disparities

Lack of widespread testing and long waits at testing centers are impacting the communities already being hit the hardest by the coronavirus. [via AP]