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Summer’s in full swing, and while New York recently saw its first day since March with zero COVID-19 related deaths, we still have a long road to recovery ahead. Many states around the country are struggling with massive upticks in coronavirus cases. Here’s our top news from the week.

It’s Not Just Coronavirus: America Repeatedly Fails at Public Health

Public health officials are pleading with Americans to make a few small changes in their behaviors to help control the expanding pandemic. We have long emphasized technology, new drugs, and bigger medical systems at the expense of public health initiatives that can be more effective at lower cost. [via LA Times]

The Pandemic Experts are Not Okay

Public health specialists are at risk of burning out as we experience another surge of coronavirus cases. [via The Atlantic]

Four Ways to Track the Spread of the Coronavirus – and Why None of Them Are Perfect

No single statistic captures the full picture of the coronavirus crisis. But understanding what each one can and can’t reveal can paint a picture about pandemic’s trajectory. [via The Wall Street Journal]

Lost on the Front Line

Our country’s health care workers are dying. This poignant piece of journalism tells their stories. [via Kaiser Health News]

Black. Pregnant. And COVID-19 Positive.

Maternal morbidity and mortality is already a huge problem in the United States, and disproportionately impacts Black women. The coronavirus pandemic could make it so much worse. [via Today]

The Fullest Look Yet at the Racial Inequity of the Coronavirus

In-depth reporting and data analysis highlights that Black and Latino people have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus in a widespread manner that spans the country, throughout hundreds of counties in urban, suburban and rural areas, and across all age groups. [via The New York Times]