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This week, we continue to share articles that highlight the value of investing in communities rather than policing them. We are grappling with the challenges of both racism and the coronavirus. We are learning how we can make our communities healthier and safer for all.

Protesting Racism Versus Risking COVID-19

Though health providers are concerned about COVID-19 and how the protests might fuel its spread, some still support protesting because racism is a public health crisis with just as dire consequences. [via NPR]

The Coronavirus Crisis Has Revealed What Americans Need Most: Universal Basic Services

The coronavirus has revealed that many American’s are systematically denied access to the resources and support they need to thrive, especially in times of hardship. Universal Basic Services might be a starting point to address this. [via Vox]

Will COVID-19 Be a Turning Point in the Fight Against Racial Disparities in Health Care?

We hope that the scale of the COVID-19 crisis will lead to meaningful political action to counter health inequities, which have persisted in the U.S. for decades. [via The Nation]

What Does “Hood Feminism” Mean For a Pandemic?

A powerful interview with Mikki Kendall discusses how feminists who are women of color—especially black feminists—focus on the intersection of health, feminism, race, public health, and social justice. [via NPR]

Public Health Experts Say the Pandemic Is Exactly Why Protests Must Continue

There has been a lot of concern on how the protests over the past several days may produce a wave of coronavirus cases. This discussion is often framed as though the pandemic and protests in support of black lives are wholly separate issues, and tackling one requires neglecting the other. But some public health experts are pushing people to understand the deep connection between the two. [via Slate]

After Six Months of Coronavirus, Here’s What We’ve Learned

There is still a lot of unknowns about the COVID-19 pandemic, but a few key pieces of information are emerging. One thing is for sure – we will be dealing with this for a long time. [via The New York Times]

Policing and Racism are Public Health Problems

Some believe it is worth the potential health risks to protest the rise in police brutality and violence against communities of color. These are their thoughts. [via TIME]

Racism is Killing Black People. It’s Sickening Them Too.

Chronic stress caused by discrimination can trigger a cascade of adverse health issues. Racism endured by black mothers contributes to higher maternal and infant mortality rates. Racism is making us sick. [via The Washington Post]

Why a Vaccine Might Not Be Enough to End the Pandemic

A vaccine is one piece of the puzzle to help us recover from and manage this pandemic. We must also ensure that the vaccine is delivered equitably to all communities and must consider scenarios where other approaches are necessary. [via Vox]

Community Testing and Contact Tracing in a Time of Distrust

COVID-19 has shown us the ways in which we are all socially and economically connected. We must make sure people feel respected and trusted if we are to emerge from this pandemic. [via United Hospital Fund]