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This week’s top articles touch on some of the added challenges that have been illuminated by the pandemic as we struggle to get back to some sense of normalcy.

Climate Change Tied to Pregnancy Risks, Affecting Black Mothers Most

Women exposed to higher temperatures and air pollution are more likely to give birth to premature, underweight, or stillborn babies. Many Black families live in neighborhoods or regions that are bearing the brunt of climate change, putting them at greater risk. [via The New York Times]

For Contact Tracing to Work, Public Health Authorities Must Regain Trust of Black Communities

A long history of surveillance and racist medical experiments does not make Black Americans want to give up personal information to the government. [via Vox]

The Coronavirus Upends the Lives of People with Disabilities – And Their Caregivers

COVID-19, which has infected nearly 13,000 people in Wisconsin, has exposed challenges in the state’s health care programs, such as those designed to serve older residents and those with disabilities. [via Kaiser Health News]

More than Double Police-Related Deaths Than Previously Reported

The death toll of people killed in interactions with the police over five years in the city is more than twice what was originally reported, a quietly released report from the Health Department shows. [via Politico]

How Superspreading is Fueling The Pandemic – and How We Can Stop It

On average, people with the coronavirus infect one or two other people. But some people go on to infect many more. Some argue that we should focus more on stopping these “super spreaders.” [via Vox]