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This week’s roundup features articles on the future of Black male doctors, ongoing investigations into police brutality, how sex and intimacy are changing during the pandemic, dramatic shifts in maternal health care, and the beauty of celebrating Juneteenth in this turbulent moment.

We Can’t Afford to Lose More Black Male Doctors

A poignant piece by Dr. Torian Easterling, the Health Department’s Deputy Commissioner for the Center for Health Equity and Community Wellness, on what it means to be a black male doctor and a father right now. [via Time]

Hidden in Plain Sight – Reconsidering the Use of Race Correction in Clinical Algorithms

By embedding race into the data and decision-making of health care, algorithms that guide clinical decisions are entrenching race-based medicine. [via New England Journal of Medicine]

Why Was a Grim Report on Police-Involved Deaths Never Released?

A new report showsthat the number of people who were killed by police activity in New York is more than double what was originally reported. [via The New York Times]

“A Juneteenth Like No Other”: Juneteenth Celebrations Take On Special Meaning This Year

The holiday, which celebrates the effective end of slavery in the U.S., was more widely recognized in light of the protests for racial justice that have grown across the nation. [via Vox]

Masks, No Kissing and ‘a Little Kinky’: Dating and Sex in a Pandemic

New York City public health officials have frank new advice for those looking for dating and physical intimacy during the pandemic. [via The New York Times]

Maternity Care, Interrupted

The pandemic has transformed the traditional ways of delivering maternity care. Is the shift to virtual care this an opportunity for positive change? [via The Commonwealth Fund]

Why Many in Public Health Support Anti-Racism Protests – With Some Precautions

The pandemic and systemic racism are intertwined. Though the protests are important, people must be careful as COVID-19 continues to spread. [via The World]