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As cities start to open and look ahead towards recovery, we’re curious what the new “normal” might entail. How can we continue to illuminate the issues of social determinants of health to support well being for all?

Can I See My Friends Yet? Current Coronavirus Guidance

Slowly but surely, the restrictions are lifting. More stores are open for pickup. Beaches and hiking trails are welcoming visitors again. But as summer picks up, we still can’t let up on social distancing. [via LA Times]

Can’t Pay May: Making Rent in NYC During COVID-19

The pandemic has made housing insecurity an immediate issue for a larger population, and is motivating tenants to pursue more protections during moments of crisis. [via The New Yorker]

These NYC Neighborhoods Have the Highest Rates of Virus Deaths

Race and income continue to be driving factors in determining who dies from COVID-19 and who survives, as more city data comes to light. [via The New York Times]

Lockdowns Worked. Now What?

Stay-at-home orders and closing restaurants slowed the spread of COVID-19. As we fight to reopen, we must consider what can be allowed to return, and what restrictions must remain. [via Vox]

How Coronavirus Is Shaping Public Transportation

Transit systems have been forced to adapt and rethink as riders have dropped due to concerns about the spread of the virus. [via Politico]

Coronavirus Exposes Link Between Housing and Health

The efforts to get homeless people off the streets and into supportive housing offers lessons we can use long after this pandemic. [via CityLab]