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The conversation around the coronavirus continues to turn towards the future, as we try to understand the realities of our new world and what it might look like as this pandemic stretches on with no end in sight.

Lockdown is a Blunt Tool. We Have a Sharper One.

Contact tracing is one of our best tools to help people protect themselves and their communities, especially as testing continues to ramp up. [via The New York Times]

When Your Zip Code Determines Whether You Live Or Die

COVID-19 has made it harder for even the uninfected to get the services they need. New research shows that just as the virus has disproportionately affected black and Latino communities in particular neighborhoods, life-threatening pregnancy complications also tend to correlate with where you live. [via New York Magazine]

COVID-19 and America’s Loneliness Epidemic

Social distancing is necessary to keep us safe, but it’s caused a collapse in social contact among families, friends, and communities. As isolation continues, the Former Surgeon General reflects on American loneliness, the health implications of loneliness, and what we can do about it. [via Vox]

The Pandemic is the Time to Resurrect the Public University

The coronavirus has revealed to many the geography of class in America, showing that where we live and work shapes whether we live or die. Might it offer a similar lesson about where we learn? [via The New Yorker]

Quarantine Fatigue is Real

We are all growing weary of staying inside and isolating from our loved ones. As we look to the future, we need a manual for how to live during a pandemic. How can we move forward? [via The Atlantic]