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Emerging Lessons from NYC’s COVID-19 Response

After almost six weeks since COVID-19 shut down New York City, this article reflects on what we’ve done right, and where there’s room to get better [via JAMA]

Social Distancing Could Last Throughout the Summer

It’s likely that social distancing guidelines will continue to be in place for months, especially while we wait for effective testing and contact tracing. [via The New York Times]

The Other COVID Risks: How Race, Income, ZIP Code Influence Who Lives Or Dies

A host of factors, such as underlying health conditions exacerbated by income inequality and social disparities, are making this epidemic worse for some communities. [via Kaiser Health News]

8 Questions for Dr. Oxiris Barbot

Time for Kids spoke with New York City’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, about the COVID-19 crisis and response. [via Time for Kids]

COVID-19 is Exposing Society’s Failures to Support Public Health

Former APHA President Barry Levy speaks about the value of public health and how this crisis illuminates where additional investment is needed. [via Public Health Newswire]