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COVID-19 continues to maintain its tight hold on New York City. But even as we respond to the pandemic’s urgent demands, we are also starting to think about what moving forward might look like. Below are our top picks from this week examining what must be done to fight COVID-19, and what we stand to gain as a result.

Our Way Out of This Pandemic

A great piece exploring how philanthropy can support the public and private sectors during this trying time. “At its best, philanthropy can take risks that governments can’t, and corporations won’t. It can put wind in the sails of ideas, innovations, and initiatives with the potential to save lives.” [via The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation]

What It Will Take to Open New York

Getting back to “normal” will require a massive mobilization of resources and a dramatic increase in testing. But one advantage New York has is its Health Department. It has been a pioneering force in public health for decades. [via The New York Times]

How Do We Exit the Shutdown? Hire an Army of Public Health Workers.

COVID-19 has illuminated many of the cracks in our national system of public health. Core public health work will be essential to reopening schools and businesses, implementing testing, and getting back to “normal.” [via Kaiser Health News]

Coronavirus in America: The Year Ahead

It will be a long time before we can return to our previous lives, if such a thing is even possible. But there is hope to manage COVID-19 now and in the long term. [via The New York Times]

First the Coronavirus Took Their Jobs. Then It Wiped Out Their Health Insurance.

In a nation where health insurance is usually hinged on employment, we’re now facing an intensified crisis as many people lose both as a result of COVID-19. [via The Washington Post]

The Global Struggle to Control the Coronavirus

If we’re ever to emerge from this crisis, we must work together. The author of this piece explores who, and where, seems to be getting it right. [via The New Yorker]