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We continue to share our top articles featuring the most informative, relevant, and useful COVID-19 news from the last week. This week’s focus is on the importance of public health, and how disparities in health equity are worsening.

Reflecting on National Public Health Week During COVID-19

Last week was National Public Health Week, a time to reflect on and educate others about the value of strong public health systems and practices. Our latest post examines the importance of public health year-round, not just during a crisis, and celebrates our heroes at the Health Department.

The Coronavirus is 2X More Deadly for Black and Latino People than White

Data shared on April 8th demonstrated that, as deaths continue to spike, the coronavirus is killing black and Latino people in New York City at twice the rate that it is killing white people [via The New York Times]

Bronx Residents Twice as Likely to Die from COVID-19 in NYC

The Bronx, which has struggled with lower-than-average life expectancy and high rates of chronic health conditions. That puts residents at even higher risks for COVID-19 complications and related deaths. [via The City]

The Pandemic’s Missing Data

Written by Aletha Maybank, one of FPHNYC’s former colleagues at the Health Department, this opinion piece highlights the need to share racial data on coronavirus cases. We must understand how COVID-19 perpetuates existing disparities. [via The New York Times]

Experts Warned of a Pandemic for Decades. Why Weren’t We Ready?

An author who wrote about the rise of pandemics reflects on why we ignored the warning signs for this one and shrugged off any warnings. [via National Geographic]

The U.S. Approach to Public Health: Neglect, Panic, Repeat

A strong public health system is our best defense against epidemics and our best chance at good health for all. What will it take to build the system we need and deserve? [via The New York Times]