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As the nonprofit partner to the New York City Department of Health, part of FPHNYC’s mission is to provide clear public health information to New Yorkers. During COVID-19, that task has become even more essential.

It can be challenging to keep track of the latest news on COVID-19 in New York City. To keep you informed and updated, FPHNYC is kicking off a weekly roundup series. Come back each Monday for updates.

This week’s roundup places special emphasis on the need to support public health always, not just during crisis situations.

COVID-19 – What New Yorkers Should Know

We’ve gathered a list of common questions New Yorkers might have on the COVID-19 outbreak, and provide clear answers that draw on public health knowledge.

Staying Apart and Hanging Together

New York City’s Commissioner of Health, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, writes about the challenges of COVID-19, and the need for New Yorkers to stick together now more than ever.

As Coronavirus Spreads, the Bill for Our Public Health Failures is Due

Crises like COVID-19 reflect our society and the actions we take — or fail to take — when it comes to investing in public health. [via The Washington Post]

This is not sustainable: Public Health Departments, Decimated by Funding Cuts, Scramble Against Coronavirus

Over the last 15 years, public health, our first defense against epidemics, has lost nearly half of its funding. [via USA Today]

Why the U.S. National Security Community Hasn’t Prioritized Public Health — Until Now

We need to plan far in advance for epidemics. What kept us from preparing for COVID-19, and how can we learn from our missteps? [via PBS]