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We’re sharing our picks for the most informative, relevant, and useful COVID-19 news from the last week, with a special focus on how inequities are at play during this epidemic.

COVID-19 Resources for New Yorkers

There’s been an inspiring outpouring of COVID-19 resources for New Yorkers in the last few weeks. FPHNYC gathered our top resource lists for organizations fighting the epidemic, as well as healthcare workers on the front lines.

A Month of Coronavirus In New York City

The coronavirus has ravaged the city, but new data released last week suggests that lower-income neighborhoods have been hit the hardest. [via The New York Times]

Relief for Immigrants is Missing from the COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

The $2 trillion relief package does not provide support for unauthorized workers or immigrants, putting a large swath of the population at risk and potentially leading to serious public health consequences. [via Vox]

The Coronavirus Doesn’t Discriminate, But U.S. Health Care Showing Familiar Biases

COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate, but doctors are seeing an emergence of familiar patterns that indicate racial and economic bias. via [NPR]

Out of Retirement, Into the Coronavirus Fight

We are so inspired by the healthcare workers returning from retirement to fight COVID-19. We want to call attention to Jane Bedell, who worked with us to bring the NYC Teens Connection program citywide! [via The New York Times]

How Racial Health Disparities will Play Out in the Pandemic

Not only are testing patterns falling along racial and socioeconomic lines, but people of color are likely to be impacted even more by COVID-19, due to profound racial health disparities. [via Slate]

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