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As the countdown to the TCS NYC Marathon on November 5th, continues, we are thrilled to present the second installment of our blog series dedicated to the incredible members of team FPHNYC. Just like the city itself, our team embodies resilience, and a shared commitment to making a profound impact. 

In our first blog post, we introduced you to individuals who are not only avid runners but also passionate advocates for the health and well-being of all New Yorkers. Join us on this journey as we shine a spotlight on more of our exceptional runners who are not only chasing personal goals but also striving to raise both funds and awareness for causes that align with FPHNYC’s mission. Get ready to be inspired once again by Team FPHNYC! 

Thomas Nash, Team FPHNYC

Thomas Nash Thomas Nash is a healthcare professional with a passion for community wellness. Having completed four marathons, he’s no stranger to the challenges of long-distance running. But his motivation for the NYC Marathon goes beyond personal achievement. Thomas is running to support FPHNYC because he believes in their mission to bridge healthcare gaps and provide access to quality care for all, especially vulnerable populations. As a new resident of the city, he’s committed to understanding the community’s health barriers and advocating for organizations that promote wellness. Thomas’s dedication to working in hospital operations makes him a strong advocate for FPHNYC’s mission. 

Andrew Sargent, Team FPHNYC

Andrew Sargent  Living in NYC during the pandemic was a stark reminder of the importance of public health in such a populous city, and Andrew believes these concerns extend beyond global crises. In 2022, Andrew took on the NYC Marathon successfully, representing Success Academy Charter Schools. With a clear focus on expanding his reach and making an even bigger impact, Andrew is determined to raise awareness and funds for FPHNYC’s vital mission, ensuring that public health remains a top priority in the city he calls home. 

Leah Pascarella, Team FPHNYC

Leah Pascarella For Leah Pascarella, running the New York City Marathon is a way of giving back to the city that has been her home for over a decade. With a background in public health, Leah is passionate about addressing the root issues in communities rather than relying on band-aid solutions. This marathon holds deep personal meaning as it follows her journey from studying public health to working with charities like charity: water, Philanthropy New York, and the Lunchbox Fund. Leah is determined to make a meaningful impact, every step of the way. Her commitment to NYC and their belief in the power of public health make her a dedicated advocate for FPHNYC’s mission. 

Seth Hanes, Team FPHNYC

Seth Hanes  Inspired by a friend’s insights into NYC’s public health challenges, Seth Hanes is thrilled to support FPHNYC, an organization he believes does great work for the city. He was elated to discover it was a fundraising partner for the marathon, providing him with a unique opportunity to race through the world’s greatest city for a cause he cares about. With a background in the non-profit world, including grassroots and multimillion-dollar fundraising campaigns, Seth is well-prepared to make a significant impact, ensuring public health remains a top priority in the city he loves. 

With just a few weeks remaining until race day, we cannot help but feel the excitement building. The stories you’ve read and the journeys you’ve embarked upon with our team members show that each step they take is not just a stride toward the finish line but a stride toward a healthier, brighter future for New York City. Stay tuned for our last and final blog post in this series, coming soon! 

Written by Erica Cha