Our Team

Fatima Ashraf, MPH

Fatima Ashraf is a grantmaker, policymaker, organizer, and educator.  Fatima studied biology and medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and public health and public policy at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.  Fatima joined the NYC Mayor’s Office in 2006 to design policies and programs to address health and education together. As a senior policy advisor to Mayor Bloomberg, she worked on the Health Literacy Fellowship for physicians, the We Are New York television series for English language learners, the City’s Youth Violence Prevention Project, the Plain Language Project, and the Young Men’s Initiative.  Fatima also worked on several executive orders including ones on language access (EO 120); consideration of criminal convictions in hiring (EO 151); and access to government-issued identification (EO 150).

After leaving the Mayor’s Office in 2012, Fatima joined the Obama re-election campaign in Virginia to organize college students across the state to GOTV. After the election, she returned to New York to serve as Director of Special Projects at Literacy Partners, a non-profit committed to advancing adult and childhood literacy.  In 2013, Fatima was the field director for Talking Transition, a foundation-led project to inform the de Blasio transition.  Today, Fatima Ashraf is a senior advisor at the Open Society Foundations with a focus on global advocacy and political philanthropy.  She is also an adjunct professor of public policy at City College of New York.  Fatima lives in New York with her husband and three sons and is committed to raising her children with an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, anti-poverty, and pro-human world view.