Expand ways to shop healthy in your neighborhood

Increasing access to healthy food and engaging residents and organizations to support changing neighborhood food retail environments is one key to improving community health.


The NYC Health Department, in partnership with the NYC Center for Economic Opportunity, created “Shop Healthy NYC“ to help make this possible.


To ensure a long-term impact on the local availability of healthy food, “Shop Healthy NYC” aims to influence supply and demand by:


  • Working with food retailers to increase stock and promotion of healthy foods, which includes working with stores to meet specific goals.
  • Collaborating with distributors and suppliers to facilitate wholesale purchases and widespread promotion of healthy foods.
  • Encouraging customers to support participating retailers and increased neighborhood access to healthy foods.


New Yorkers can participate in this effort by becoming an “Adopt A Shop” partner. This involves working with your neighborhood corner store or supermarket to increase healthier choices. A farmer’s market or mobile fruit and vegetable vendor can also be a “shop.”


Download How to Adopt a Shop to guide your way.