An Idea Whose Time Has Come: The Opioid Epidemic is a National Emergency

Sara Gardner, MPH, Executive Director, 09/12/2017

On Monday the Trump Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis issued their interim report. Their first recommendation was to urge the President to declare a national emergency under either the Public Health Service Act or the Stafford Act. The report goes on to recommend five additional immediate steps to combat the epidemic with the promise of a fuller report and additional strategies to be released this fall. Read more >


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Policy Shift and Budget Cuts Prevent Progress in Unwated Teen Pregnancies

Sara Gardner, MPH, Executive Director, 07/07/2017

As the nation focuses on the debate raging around the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the current health bill being debated in the Senate, little attention is being paid to the fate of the very successful, national Teen Pregnancy Prevention program. Administered through the Office of Adolescent Health, the program has contributed to an unprecedented decline in teen pregnancy rates—from 34 births per 1,000 girls in 2010 to 22 per 1,000 in 2015.

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Mental Health Is A Public Health Issue

Sara Gardner, MPH, Executive Director, 05/24/2017

The World Health Organization defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” Read More >


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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Investing in Prevention Saves Lives

Sara Gardner, MPH, Executive Director, 04/28/2017

The ongoing debate about health, healthcare and our current healthcare system rages on. It was a major flashpoint during the elections and it continues to be a source of controversy and confusion. There are no simple answers, but there are some basic facts that we should all understand… Read More >


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Back to the Basics: What is a Social Determinant of Health Anyway?

Sara Gardner, MPH, Executive Director, 03/02/2017

As a fourth grade social studies student, I was taught the difference between a “need” and a “want,” a simple economic concept. Years later, when my children were in elementary school and taught the same concept in their social studies class, we had many rousing conversations around the dinner table debating the difference. Put simply, a need is defined as something people have to have to survive. A want, on the other hand, is something people would like to have but they don’t need it to survive. Read More >


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Our New Year’s Resolution and Public Health: We Are Not Alone!

Sara Gardner, MPH, Executive Director, 01/11/2017

Google “top ten New Year’s resolutions for 2017” and many of the search results are related to health: eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight, quit smoking, and drink less alcohol. Like millions of others, I always stop to ponder life and the things I would like to change as we enter a new year. I usually draft a list of resolutions and begin the year in enthusiastic pursuit, though my odds of being successful are fairly low. Read more>


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“NYC Public Housing (NYCHA) Farms – A Twist on Urban Agriculture”

NYC Food Policy, 12/7/16

The Farms at NYCHA program was created through a partnership between NYCHA, Green City Force, The Fund for Public Health in New York City, and The NYC Mayor’s Office, and will be funded for at least three years. Read more on NYC Food Policy >

New York State Department of Health Announces $7.2 Million to Promote, Protect and Support Breastfeeding


FPHNYC received $1.2M from the New York State Department of Health to establish Breastfeeding Friendly community support networks for families from pregnancy through infancy to increase breastfeeding initiation, exclusivity, and duration.  Read more >

“City health department launches new Zika awareness campaign”

Politico New York, 11/16/16

The New York City health department launched a new ad campaign on Zika awareness Wednesday, even as the mosquito season here comes to an end. Read more on Politico New York >

Health Is A Nonpartisan Issue That Requires A Bipartisan Solution

Sara Gardner, MPH, Executive Director, 11/15/16

Last week, I listened to President Obama’s address to the nation following one of the most contentious and divisive election seasons in modern history. Read More >


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“City Initiative Aims to Build Healthy Communities with Gardens, Farmers Markets and More”

Edible Manhattan, 11/11/16

The program’s roots are in community building within New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) complexes, which will host urban farms, farmers markets and health classes. Read more on Edible Manhattan >

“New York City’s Trans Fat Restrictions Ten Years Later”

Sonia Angell, MD, MPH, Health Affairs, 10/18/16

Almost 10 years have passed since the New York City (NYC) Board of Health took an unprecedented step and amended the City Health Code to restrict the use of trans fat in NYC restaurants. This move would be followed by similar actions across the country, contributing to mounting evidence that trans fat could, and should, be eliminated from our food supply. Read more on Health Affairs >

“In accepting Calderone prize, Bassett highlights racism’s impact on public health”

Politico New York, 10/26/16

Dr. Mary Bassett, New York City’s health commissioner and the head of FPHNYC’s Board of Directors, accepted the Frank A. Calderone prize, given to those who make a “transformational contribution in the field of public health.”  Read more on Politico New York >

Public Health is Everybody’s Business

Sara Gardner, MPH, Executive Director, 09/14/2016

When most people think about health, they think health care—doctors, clinics, hospitals, and medications. The U.S. has some of the best health care money can buy. Good clinical care is important, but it accounts for only 10 to 20 percent of what makes a person healthy or unhealthy. Read more >


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“A Strategy for Expanding and Improving the Impact of the Medical Home Across New York City”

United Hospital Fund, 8/25/16

Health Department, United Hospital Fund and partners release plan outlining strategies to increase broad adoption of primary care medical home model. Read announcement >

“Farms in the projects? Yes—and that’s just the beginning”

Laurie M. Tisch and Rick Luftglass, 12/21/15

An innovative public-private partnership is bringing agriculture, parks, farmers markets and more to areas desperate for good food, education and jobs. Download > (PDF, 116kb)

“‘Lifestyle Choices’ Doesn’t Explain Why Black Americans Are Dying Younger and in Higher Numbers” Video

Dr. Mary Bassett, Big Think, 10/31/15

Dr. Mary Basset speaks about the health disparities in New York City. Watch the video >

“#BlackLivesMatter — A Challenge to the Medical and Public Health Communities”

Mary T. Bassett, M.D., M.P.H., The New England Journal of Medicine, 3/09/15

Two weeks after a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict the police officer involved in the death of a black man, Eric Garner, I delivered a lecture on the potential for partnership between academia and health departments to advance health equity. Download > (PDF, 639kb)