Deploying new technology to measure population health


Measuring the health of the city’s population is critical to identifying potential health disparities that may exist in an urban environment like NYC. Although the NYC Health and Nutrition Survey (NYC HANES) is the gold standard of measuring the health of New Yorkers, it is time-intensive and costly to implement routinely.


The Fund raised $1.7 million in grants from seven funding partners to explore a faster, more cost-efficient way to measure the health of the city’s residents and their communities. During the three-year project, the NYC Health Department compared the data collected from NYC HANES, which involves individual home visits, surveys, and lab samples, to the NYC Macroscope, which compiles data collected from Electronic Health Records (EHRs). This method allows for rapid, standardized tracking of chronic diseases in a timely way while still maintaining patient confidentiality.


Tracking health trends through EHRs is a less expensive, more sustainable assessment method that will improve understanding of chronic health problems in NYC and inform efforts to help to reduce them.


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