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The horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis has raised the issue of racism as a public health crisis once again to public consciousness. This week, our roundup focuses on the intersections of racism, health, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing protests across the country.

Two Crises Convulse a Nation: A Pandemic and Police Violence.

They are parallel plagues ravaging America: The coronavirus. And police killings of black men and women.[via The New York Times]

Protecting Mothers and Babies Can’t Stop During a Pandemic

Our latest blog post highlights the importance of continuing to provide services to mothers and babies, especially in communities of color. Black women in NYC are 8X more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than White women. [via FPHNYC]

Why COVID-19 Is Killing Black and Latinx Folks in NYC

Assistant Commissioner for the Bureau of HIV Dr. Oni Blackstock speaks about structural racism and the systemic issues that disproportionately impact people of color. [via Colorlines]

Police Brutality is a Public Health Crisis

The coronavirus and the violence sweeping the country are closely linked. They are both public health stories. The link is systemic racism. [via Vox]

No One Is Coming to Save Us

Roxanne Gay writes powerfully about the scourge of racism and how it intertwines with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. [via The New York Times]

How to More Safely Protest During a Pandemic

A helpful guide for how to stay safe and reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic for those who are protesting. [via Vox]