Our Team

Together, the Fund’s Staff and Board of Directors possess a diverse range of professional expertise and experience from the fields of public health, medicine, development and fundraising, finance, business, and program management.

Executive Team

Sara Gardner, MPH

Executive Director

P 646.710.4840

Donna Fishman, MPA

Deputy Director

P 646.710.4839

Aviva Goldstein, MPA

Senior Director, Development

P 646.710.4853

Elisabeth Williams

Director of Finance & Administration

P 646.710.4834

Board of Directors

Oxiris Barbot, MD

Board President & Chair (ex-officio)

Hillary Kunins, MD


Jessica Borowick, JD

Pamela Brier, MPH


Bunny Ellerin, MBA

Michael Gargano, JD

Chris Stern Hyman, JD

Board Secretary

Paul Maddon, MD, PhD

Pascaline Servan-Schreiber, MBA

Amit Bansal, MBA


Fatima Ashraf, MPH


Rebecca Adeskavitz, MPH, MPA

Grant Manager

P 646.710.4850

Connie Baker

Financial Analyst

P 646-710-4845

Paul Barrett

Project Manager

P 646-710-4865

Talia Briant

Executive Assistant

P 646-710-4870

Kimberly Brown

Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development

P 646-710-4844

Steve Dennis

Senior Grant Financial Analyst

P 646.710.4868

Nicole Duffy

Director of Major Gifts

P 646-710-4837

Rehanna Garib

Financial Analyst

P 646.710.4854

Amy Hofer, MSW, MA

Grant Manager

P 646.710.4846

Ariana Holland

Grant Assistant

P 646-710-4872

Kavita Iyer

Development Associate

P 646-710-4843

Dyeanna Pak Jones

Human Resources Benefits and Payroll Manager

P 646-710-4859

Nora Landis-Shack, MPH, CHES

Senior Development Associate

P 646-710-4849

Ariel Lawrence

Project Manager

P 646-710-4871

Hye Won Lee, MPH

Director of Special Projects

P 646.710.4857

Keisha Lugay, MPH

Senior Grant Manager

P 646.710.4838

Raegine A. Clouden Mallett

Special Projects Assistant

P 646-710-4863

Gemma Martinelli, MPA

Senior Development Associate

P 646.710.4847

Alexis McLauchian

Grant Manager

P 646-710-4855

Dominique Myers

Human Resources Generalist

P 626-710-4842

Femi Olabisi, MBA

Director of Finance

P 646.710.4841

Richard Ray


P 646.710.4851

Sydney Sasanow

Financial Analyst

P 646-710-4835

Irene Scott

Office Manager

P 646.710.4852

Ashley E. Siegel, JD

Legal Counsel

P 646.710.4848

Megann Strajcher, MPA

Director of Grants Administration

P 646.710.4856